This weeks Face to Face training times will be:

Saturday 22nd May 2021  

8:30am- 9am - Beginners 

9am - 9:40am - Blue Belts/ Red/ Orange/ Yellow, Green and All Purple Belts 

9:40am - 10:20am - All Brown Belts

10:20am – 11am - Black Belts 


Emails will also be sent out for Live Online Classes via ZOOM for all students on Thursday 20th May 2021.


Face to Face Classes:
  • If any person attending is aware of having any symptoms, please DO NOT attend the venue at all
  • Students and I will be asked to use hand sanitiser BEFORE and AFTER entering and leaving the Dojo (Hall)
  • The rule of maximum students per classes, as set out by the DFE, no longer applies. The key principle in class size is to ensure that each person is afforded 100 cubic feet of space.
  • To avoid high numbers gathering please do not arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your allocated class time.
  • Training can now be done bare foot but wearing sensible sports footwear such as trainers is optional.
  • Pad Work is ALLOWED (as per EKF guidance) but Contact Training in any form is still NOT ALLOWED.
  • Adult spectators are ALLOWED, but they must remain seated and wear a mask at all times. (This is also dependent on the venue itself)
  • Social distancing rules will apply.